How Do You Get Rid of Possums Permanently?

The possum, like the Gemini, has two distinct aspects to their character. Even though possums, our local furry little friends, are adorable, we like to admire them from a safe distance. All of their nice qualities appear to vanish in an instant when they get too close and make your roof their home, turning into noisy, disruptive, and odorous creatures. Therefore, if you want to prevent possums from entering your property, possum removal Hobart is a must.

Removal of Possums: What You Should Know

To begin, only the building management, a pest treatment specialist, you, a member of your family, or a member of maintenance can catch them with the help of Possum Catcher Hobart.

  • The cage must be of a kind that will hold them without harming them.
  • Once captured, they must be maintained in a secure location that is shielded from the elements (including but not limited to sunshine, wind, rain, and household pets).
  • If you catch an animal, you must let it go within 50 metres of your property after sundown on the same day.
  • If you want to stay out of court and avoid a hefty fine of $5000, expert possum control is a need.

Having said that, let’s get rid of a widespread misunderstanding among house owners. It’s not always possums making noises in the ceiling. Commonly, it’s merely a case of rodents or a stray cat. Knowing when the noise began is crucial for determining if a possum is a source. As nocturnal creatures, they tend to be silent as they set off. Late at night or early in the morning, after a long day of hunting, they can get careless and noisy as they return to their den. If you want to identify the offending animal, studying its faeces is a good place to start. The colour of a possum’s faeces is indicative of the kind of foods it eats, although the poop itself is often cylindrical in shape.

Possum Removal Hobart

Indicators That You May Have a Possum Infestation

It’s probably a possum or a rat if you’ve heard them scurrying over the ceiling or in the walls at night. Knowing who the intruder is can help you take the necessary precautions. You can tell if the pest in your attic or wall void is a possum or a rat by looking at its faeces. You can also take the help of Pest Control Services Hobart to guide you better.

Ways to Permanently Remove Possums from Your Property

  • Do a Checkup

The first step in keeping possums outside of your house is to have a pest control expert have a look around. Professional possum catchers know how to locate pests’ points of entrance, block them off, and recognise other potential pest magnets. You may rest easy knowing that possums won’t be able to gain entry to your roof and set up residence there if you have a professional inspector take a look at your home.

  • Take Care to Prune any Branches That Will Soon Touch Your Roof

Possums can access roofs via overhanging branches. Possum infestations can be avoided if these branches are regularly trimmed. You can use a ladder and some clippers to accomplish this, or you can consult a possum specialist.

  • Repellents

A variety of repellents exist for possums. The pungent odour of Quassia chips is known to deter possums, making them a popular choice. You can pick some up at your neighbourhood hardware store and then disperse them to trouble spots. Placing crushed cloves of garlic around the area may also deter possums.

  • Spotlights That Turn on When Motion is Detected

You can discourage possums from squatting on your roof by installing motion detector lights. The nocturnal possum will be scared away from your roof by these lights, and you won’t have to worry about it deciding to make your home there.

  • Set Up a Possum Trap

Putting up possum boxes is a fantastic method of living peacefully beside possums. It’s a win-win: they provide shelter for your pet and keep them from climbing onto your roof. You may take in the sights of these native wonders without ever getting too close.

  • Put in Some Plants That Possums Won’t Eat

Possums can be scared away from your garden by planting mints, geraniums, or chrysanthemums. These plants serve a dual purpose: they repel possums and add beauty to your landscape.

Get in touch with the possum bosses at Local Pest Control Hobart if you’re having trouble with possums in your home. And they charge reasonably for their years of knowledge in possum control. Call Pest Control Services Hobart if you want to get rid of possums for good.

  • Put On Some Ultrasonic Bug Spray

Ultrasonic pest management uses sound frequencies that repel pests but are inaudible to the human ear in a compassionate, chemical-free, ecologically responsible technique to keep possums away.

  • Plant Your Garden With Cloves of Garlic

Since the odour of garlic is offensive to possums, spreading it around your garden or at least near the plants you want them to avoid is a natural and cruelty-free way to repel them.

Our possum pest control service is here for you whenever you need advice on how to keep your home or business free of insects and possums. Removal of possums might be aided by a commercial agency that specialises in pest management. This company has the means to ascertain the points of entry for the pests and to prevent them from re-entering. The possum pest control service professionals can also give you advice on how to discourage possums and other native Hobart pests from making your yard their home. Possums can cause serious damage to your home and health. You shouldn’t let them enter your home even if they pose no immediate danger to you or your loved ones. They can be dangerous because they gnaw on wires and leave behind waste products like pee and faeces. Possum removal Hobart is essential if you don’t want the possums squatting on your lawn.

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