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Borer Pest Control

Borers are insects that attack wood timber in the house and have the potential to damage the wooden furniture or flooring. Small Larvae grow inside the timber and eat their way out weakening the furniture altogether. Such insects need to be immediately removed to save further nuisance. Local Pest Hobart is the Best Pest Control Service provider specialized in Borer Control Hobart.

Why go for Local Pest Control Hobart?

Local Pest Control Hobart is a renowned pest control service provider with certified and trained professionals to deal with all kinds of pest infestation. You can rely on us for a proper inspection and pest control treatment at your own convenience. Here are some more reasons to choose our valuable service for Borer Control Hobart.

  • We have years of experience in treating all kinds of pests from commercial as well as residential areas.
  • All methods are backed with advanced technology.
  • We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Our team is fully certified and licensed to conduct pest control operations.
  • We promise effective removal of all kinds of pests.
  • Our packages are reasonably charged.
  • We are available 24×7 at your service.

How to identify Borer infestation?

The faster you spot borer presence in your house the better it will be to take appropriate actions to get rid of them.

Fungus Growth

If there is any wood-rotting fungus on your furniture due to borer larvae it means wood borers have attacked the furniture.


Wood borers need damp conditions to survive. If your furniture is damp or the room itself has dampness then there is a possibility of borer presence in the timber.

Wood Crumbling

If you notice crumbled wood in and around the corners of roof joists or floorboards, then the might be wood borers present in the house.

Dead Beetles

Look out for dead borers near infested timber and window sills as they lie around the house when their life cycle gets over.

Presence of dead beetles

Dead borers can be easily seen near the infested timber and the window sills as their life cycle get over.

Worms and Larvae

Presence of white and creamy curvy insects also indicate your house might have wood borers.

Adult worms around window sides

Mature worms move towards the light, and you can spot them in the window sills often.

It is important to notice and take necessary precautions to combat borer infestation. Hire a professional Borer Control Hobart service to deal with the aftermath of the borer attack. Local Pest Control Hobart is the leading Borer Control Hobart having years of experience in dealing with all kinds of pest infestation.

How harmful is borer infestation?

Listed below are some harmful effects of borers on human lives:

  • They damage structural timber, wood fittings, and wooden furniture.
  • Hardwood and sapwood are also affected by borers. They use the wood to lay their eggs.
  • Some borers attack high starch wood such as oak, walnut mahogany, ash, etc.
  • Borers also infest trees and their lower branches.
  • Some species of borers attack agriculture products too.

Borer control

What are the different methods of Borer Control Hobart?

If the borer attack is not causing any severe damage, you need not worry. But if the infestation is serious then you will have to go for a pest control service.

Take a look at some methods to control borer infestation.

Wood Moisture control

It is one of the most effective ways of Borer Control Hobart. You have to control the moisture in the wood through proper ventilation in the room. Make use of surface cover, water sealants, and paints to prevent the wood from attracting moisture. Without moisture, wood borers will not be able to survive.


This works for small-sized furniture. In this method, the furniture is wrapped in plastic and froze for about two weeks. Then, it is removed and unwrapped till it reached room temperature. This method prevents watermarks on the wood through condensation.


Spray borer control insecticides in the house to prevent them from growing. You can either use Timbor with water or Boracare, which, has higher penetration in wood and works to prevent borer infestation for a longer time.


This must be done by certified pest control experts like Local Pest Control Hobart. Fumigants are effective in killing pests and keeping your furniture free from any more attacks.

These are just some techniques to control borer infestation at your house. However, if the damage is critical, you must seek help from a professional Borer Control Hobart service.

Local Pest Control Hobart is a certified pest control service provider assuring you a healthy living environment and pest-free furniture. Call us today to get the best deal right away.

How Local Pest Control Hobart conducts Borer Control Treatment?


At first, we inspect your place to find out the severity of the pest infestation. Once we understand the level of the treatment required, we select an appropriate method of borer control Hobart.

Borer Treatment

After the inspection, our professionals will apply suitable chemicals to eliminate pests. The pesticides we use are eco-friendly and safe for humans and pets.

Final Inspection

After the treatment is completed, pest control professionals of Local Pest Control Hobart will do an inspection to check if all affected areas are treated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do you assure that there will not be pests again?

Answer: Yes. Our services are designed to free your house from pests using the most appropriate chemicals and equipment. We assure you that pests will not occur after our treatment is done. You may notice some dead pests though, it will take 5-7 weeks for the pests to completely disappear.

2. How often should I book pest control treatments?

Answer: Pest control treatments should be done once or twice a year. It depends on the environment of the place, some might need frequent treatments.

3. Do you offer emergency services?

Answer: Yes, we offer emergency pest control services too. Pests can occur any time of the day, so we are fully equipped 24×7 to handle such emergency situations at your home or workplace.

4. Do I need to leave the house while the treatment is carried out?

Answer: Not necessary. Our pest control chemicals are safe for humans and pets. However, if you are allergic and have breathing problems, it is advised to keep a safe distance till the treatment is done.

5. How much do you charge for Pest control treatment?

Answer: That will depend on the infected area and the type of service you will choose. Our service charges are quite affordable and our quality of work adheres to the current industry standards. Reach out to us to get a free quote on Borer Control Hobart.

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