8 Easy Ways to Prevent Termites from Invading Your Home

Easy Ways to Prevent Termites from Home

Did you notice small heaps of wood dust near your wooden furniture? It means that the termites have entered your house. The termites are tan and beige-colored insects that are very small in size. They live in colonies and destroy the wooden doors, furniture, and even the foundation of your house. If you want to save the wallpapers, floorings, and expensive wooden items in your house, then book the termite protection Hobart treatment. The experts have different kinds of tools and products that are helpful in removing their shelters and killing them. You can expect a long-lasting solution to this problem by booking a professional service. But, to sustain the results of the termite treatment in Hobart, you should follow these preventive measures:

1. Seal all leakages

Water pipes embedded in the walls should be checked for leakages. The moisture in the walls and ceilings can attract termites. You should also keep a close check on the basements and corners of the house. All the places should be fixed and sealed from where the water can leak. Even the faucets in the kitchen or bathroom and AC pipes should be fixed if water is leaking from them. The termites grow their population in moisture and you should try to keep the house as dry as possible. This is one of the best ways for termite control.

2. Control Humidity

If your house is located at a place where humidity is high, then you will face the problem of severe termite infestation. Termite pest control services are required after every few months in such locations. To control the humidity, you can purchase a device known as a dehumidifier. It collects all the moisture from the air and makes the surroundings dry. Also, you can use an air conditioner to keep the environment cool and free from water vapours.

3. Regular Monitoring of Wooden Items

Always keep an eye on the wooden frames, windows, doors, chairs, sofas and everything made up from wood. You can find mud tubes or wooden dust on or near the wooden structure. You can even find termite colonies in the soil. They continuously feed on various objects in the house and make the things hollow over a few months. Whenever you find the first few signals of termite infestation, just book the termite treatment services for guaranteed removal of the pests.

4. Spray Borate before Painting

Borate is a chemical that is popular as a pest repellent product. If you want to prevent the termites from harming the wooden products at home, then spray borate solution on the wood before the application of primer and paint. This tip will keep the wood safe from the attacks of the termites.

5. Keep the Affected Objects in Sunlight

Moisture facilitates the growth of the termite colony while the sunlight is effective in killing the termites and making the objects dry. Whether it’s a chair or a wooden box, keep the object in the direct sunlight for a minimum of three days. Make sure that the day is not cloudy or humid. After treating the wooden objects with sunlight, clean the wooden things by scraping the muddy structures made by the termites. Before bringing the object back into the room, spray an anti-termite solution on the object.

6. Ensure Gaping Between Soil and Wood

If you are aware of the fact that termite infestation is very prominent in the area where you live, then the structure of the house should be made in a careful manner. There should be at least an 18-inch gap between the wooden structure in the house and the soil. The termites usually make their shelters in the soil and find their way to the doors and cabinets easily. A barrier can be created between the two surfaces with help of stones and cement. Termite control Hobart tip is a useful tip and can prevent the termites from damaging the property.

7. Keep Everything in an Organised Way

The termites multiply their number when they find moisture and clutter in the corners. It is better to keep the newspapers and cardboards in an organised way otherwise the termites will thrive in the house.

8. Call Termite Pest Control Team for Inspection

If you are not able to recognise the signs of infestation but can notice a continued increase in the damage in the wooden furniture, then termite treatment Hobart professionals can be of great help. They can conduct an inspection and also control the termite with safe, non-allergic and tested pest control products. It is recommended to call the professionals at least once a year to keep the house free from pests.

Wrapping Up

Termites can ruin the expensive wooden structures in the house by feeding on them. Their colonies can hide under muddy structures and can grow by receiving darkness and moisture. By practicing the above-given tips, you can keep the termites away from your home. But to control the termites for a long time and prevent their re-entry, you should book termite treatment services in Hobart.

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